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How To Recruit More Retiree Volunteers

Retirees - Valuable Assets for Your Organization

Retirees offer a wealth of skills, experience, and dedication that make them valuable assets for any organization. With the freedom and desire to give back, they bring a unique perspective and established connections within communities. This video highlights these benefits and inspires potential volunteers to explore the rewarding opportunities available.

Personal Growth and Connection

This video shows retirees finding purpose and connection through volunteering. It emphasizes the personal growth and fulfillment retirees can experience while contributing to a cause they care about. This message resonates with retirees looking for meaning and engagement.

Attract the Perfect Volunteers

Cut through the noise and attract the perfect volunteers with a privately branded social media video. This video is tailored to retirees, showcasing the benefits of volunteering in a way that speaks directly to them about THEIR needs.

Here's how it works

Fill out the order form below and our video editors will put your name on the opening screen and a 'call to action' and contact details on the end screen. We use this information to produce your personalized video, send you the download link and if you want any changes, you then book a Zoom meeting to discuss those changes. We don't stop editing until you are completely happy.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

To support our free News Media Workshops, we are charging $100 for the volunteering video which includes a perpetual license to use the video as often as you wish for years to come.

It is particularly effective, and has been optimized for posting on your own and your Local Community Facebook pages.

The News Media Want To Tell Your Story

With over 40 years of personal experience in the Non-Profit sector and service clubs - and an extensive media background, I can offer affordable media packages that empower even the smallest organizations to share their stories in the 'News Media', raise awareness for their cause, attract dedicated volunteers and grant funding.


We outline the core concept, target audience, and potential impact of your news stories to bridge the gap between your ideas and viable media stories. We can craft professionally written draft media releases that shape and reinforce your organization's brand image and values.


These stories highlight the importance of your organization's progress and achievements to attract the attention of potential volunteers, investors, and stakeholders.


Well-crafted media releases can help secure the support needed for the non-profit's initiatives.


High-impact news media releases ready to personalize and send to local newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV stations, spreading the word about your organization and volunteer program.

Book a Zoom chat now to take the first step towards enhancing your organization's visibility and impact and attracting reliable volunteers.

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