About This Trail
Enter Roma Street Parklands. Follow Parkland Boulevard keeping the ponds on your right. Enter 'Fern Gully' on the right and go down to the Millenium Bug sculpture on your left side of the path.

I proposed an ‘Early Life Form Fossil’, a zoological, sculptural, industrial and archaeological inlay for the concrete retaining wall. This inlay piece is made from discarded waste materials from a cross section of industries, primarily the rail industry. It is an entertaining and enjoyable discovery piece.
The philosophy behind the concrete panels that head across Fern Gully was that they represent a geological plain or fault. The raised panel surfaces present an opportunity to expose the history of the site, like a fossil. I think what one would expect to be revealed from a man-made structure, would not necessarily be something that literally existed.

My interpretation of this was to construct something that, like the panels themselves, was artificial. By primarily using the rail industry as a source of man-made objects, the sculpture has a direct link to the sites prior use. However, the intention of the work is to go beyond the pure rediscovery of the old. I aim to create a twist of fate.

The culmination of the collected objects take on a new life form. One that challenges our perceptive of reality. It will represent the prehistoric. A time when everything was organic.
2000 "Millenium Fossil" Roma St Parklands - Brisbane City

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Audio Commentary by the Artist: Christopher Trotter