People who have eventually found 'NEW HOPE' and healing.

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Rev John Tully, OAM, was a Uniting Church minister and addictions counsellor
with Newlife Care on the Gold Coast, Australia.

What is The New Hope Program?

Proverbs 13:12 says, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." Perhaps that is why many people raised in an alcoholic or dysfunctional home have faced despair and depression at some time in their lives.

A young child first looks to his or her parents for comfort, and based upon the comfort he or she receives, learns to expect and have confidence that the parents, as a source of warmth and comfort will always be there. As the child grows, the child then learns to trust that his or her needs will be met.

In the alcoholic or dysfunctional home that is not always the case. Because the person with an alcohol or drug dependency problem NUMBS his or her feelings with the chemical, and the Co- dependent spouse DENIES feelings, the child, as a result, learns to SUPPRESS NORMAL EMOTIONS and denies the need to be comforted by anyone.
The child begins a life that is based on a feeling that "nothing can be done", "of hopelessness" and of "powerlessness". The child learns the unwritten rules of the alcoholic/dysfunctional family: "Don't talk! Don't trust! Don't feel!". However, many of these children grow up to be over-achievers and appear quite successful in the early years of their lives.

They may become Christians, but somehow struggle with feelings of low self-worth and have difficulty in relationships. They very often find it hard to believe that even God really loves them.

They attempt to seek approval by frantically serving parents, family, community, or God, only to experience "burn out" because they give too much of themselves away. Some will not survive so well --they will become alcoholics or drug abusers or develop some other form of compulsive or rebellious behaviour.

This small group program, the thought starters and explanations of family of origin dysfunctions and addictive behaviours has been proven over thousands of lifetimes to benefit people who have been in despair.

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The NEW HOPE Awareness Program - Don't Waste Good Trouble
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