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While working with scrap metal objects over the last 20 years, I have found myself drawn to, and engaged with a broad cross section of forms. Many being from industries such as farming, automotive, industrial, marine and aviation. Certain shapes have provoked different creative responses at different points in my career. The interaction of objects with nature, man and time are of particular interest.

I am inspired by water. Inspired by its form, its power, and above all, its ability to create new growth. In numerous current artworks, water is transposed into industrial organic forms bending and flowing across space.

My work is a culmination of my observations and life experiences. I understand and relate to the materials I use, their dynamics and the life and energy still within them. Every object I choose to use takes on a new role. One that helps create a work with life, movement, integrity and balance. Through the careful selection and composition of materials, I like to think I breathe a life and a personality into the otherwise scrap material.

Since 1994 I have worked primarily on public artworks. An important intention of these works was to add human qualities of humour and playfulness to public places.

Works are constructed from discarded materials. Different objects have come from different pasts, different industries and even different periods of time. Some objects used have dated back to the 1800's. The works are, by their very nature, 'art time capsules'. The chances are some works could very well incorporate components that are relevant and identifiable to you, your job and your time. This identifying and discovering process is important and creates an ongoing interaction between the viewer and the artwork.

Artists in the future working with 'found' objects will never be able to create what I've created. My work is a reflection of the time I live in. Time moves on, technology changes and shapes change as functions change. One thing remains constant. There will always be material to be recycled. It's just how we choose to do it. The element of recycling in my work is important to me and helps promote the concept of creative solutions to future generations.
Artist: Christopher Trotter
Born: August 1967 - Brisbane Australia

Full-time, practising, self-employed artist since 1990.

Creating public works for local Government, Councils, Universities and Developers since 1994.

1. Millenium Fossil - Roma Street Parklands.
Then follow George St back into town
2. City Roos- George St Brisbane.
Head across to South Bank past the art galleries and South along the river to my
3. Biomechanical Pelicans - just beyond the Maritime Museum
Next, head further around the river to the
4. Fish Fossil below the Kangaroo Point cliffs.
Then walk a bit further south to the Thornton St  Ferry terminal and take a short ferry
ride across to the botanical gardens. Head up Edward St one block to
5. Frogs Hollow - adjacent to the Port Office hotel.
On the river bank directly outside the "Power house" - New Farm Park
6. Water Born  - Powerhouse - New Farm Park
7. Hippocampus Whitei -  Tannum Sands
Special thanks to SimsMetal for their support over the last 20 years.